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Patients of the Heart Valve Disease Program

  • Valve replacement testimonial video still


    Dante's family has a history of leaky mitral valves. When he turned 52 years old, Dante found that he had also succumbed to his family's fate. After consulting with his friends and family, Dante kept hearing the same surgeon's name come up over and over again – Clark Hargrove, MD.

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  • Elaine Kramer, Mitral Valve Disease and Mitraclip patient


    Elaine was sick and tired of being sick and tired. After a diagnosis of mitral valve regurgitation, doctors at Penn told her she was a candidate for a new, non-surgical mitral valve procedure using the Mitraclip device.

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    Dot & Lucille

    For over 50 years, sisters Lucille and Dot have cooked in the same Chalfonte Hotel kitchen in Cape May, NJ. Both sisters have been diagnosed with heart problems. People said they should quit cooking and retire. But Lucille and Dot wouldn't settle for that.

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    The Burchers

    They've been through most everything together. When both were diagnosed with bad aortic valves, they wanted to heal together too. Penn gave them a less invasive option than open heart surgery: TAVR (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement). It worked. 65 years of marriage, and counting.

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    Kevin was born with a bicuspid aortic valve. At 45 years old, his initial valve replacement that he received as a teenager wore out, and he started to experience shortness of breath. Kevin's cardiologist recommended he go see Robert Farivar, MD, at Penn Medicine.

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  • Rosetta Lue, Heart Valve Disease Patient


    Rosetta never thought her symptoms could land her in the hospital, much less with a diagnosis of endocarditis — an infection in the heart. It was a close call. Her mitral and aortic valves were damaged beyond repair.

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