Penn Heart and Vascular

Overview of the Cardiac Arrhythmia Program

World-Class Treatment of Abnormal Heart Rhythms Close to Home

Penn's Cardiac Arrhythmia Program is a regional and national referral center for heart rhythm disorders and offers patients of all ages advanced approaches to diagnosis and treatment.

Arrhythmias (abnormal or irregular heart beat) are problems that affect the electrical system, or "wiring", of the heart muscle. Effects can be as benign as a fluttering feeling, but they can also signal a life threatening condition.

Optimizing Control, Finding Cures, Minimizing Complications

Specialists in the Penn Cardiac Arrhythmia Program are on the leading edge of emerging treatment technologies, including:

  • New drugs
  • A full range of devices
  • Advanced mapping (to get a good picture of the heart system)
  • Ablative therapies (to destroy abnormalities)

In fact, their special expertise in ablative and device therapy has given new hope for a cure to patients who:

  • Have difficult arrhythmias
  • Are medication resistant or subject to toxic reactions from arrhythmia drugs
  • Require repeated shocks from their defibrillator to control irregular rhythms

The arrhythmia team is led by board-certified electrophysiologists who collaborate with heart failure specialists, cardiovascular surgeons and other specialists in treating the full spectrum of heart rhythm disturbances. They provide a seamless transfer of care to any range of services a patient might need.