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Penn Heart & Vascular 2012 Heart Failure Clinical Activity Report

2012 Clinical Activity Reports

This year, Penn Medicine is presenting it's cardiovascular quality and outcomes data in a series of reports. The first two reports examine the Heart Failure and Transplantation Program and the Electrophysiology Program.

Heart Failure Treatment

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Heart Valve Disease

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Letter from Heart & Vascular Chiefs

"On behalf of Penn Medicine, we are pleased to present the latest medical and surgical advances that are revolutionizing the way we treat heart failure patients. It is our intent to keep you informed of these new advances and to provide an illustration of the range of options Penn Heart & Vascular can offer your patients… " Read More

Penn Heart & Vascular 2011 Clinical Activity Report

View last year's cardiac and vascular quality and outcomes data. This report is part of an ongoing effort to increase the level of transparency around quality data and to help our patients make informed decisions about their health care.

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