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Want more information about good nutrition's role in helping manage a specific illness or condition? Try visiting one of these web sites hosted by various government and nonprofit associations. You'll get the facts about nutrition and much more. Each link will launch a new browser window. The UPHS page you are currently viewing will be behind the browser window that is launched. To return to this page, simply close the new browser window.

American Diabetes Association: Here you'll find recipes, news and many other resources for people with diabetes.

American Dietetic Association
: This association's web site features nutrition news, healthy eating tips and food safety information.

American Heart Association
: This site offers a wide variety of information on stroke and heart disease prevention and treatment.

Consumer Information Center: This government agency publishes a wide variety of free consumer information, including an extensive online section on food.

Crohn's and Colitis Foundation: This site, designed for both consumers and medical professionals, features a "library" with articles on everything from diagnosis and treatment to diet and exercise. Click on "Medical Central" on the site's home page.

The Food Allergy Network: Here you can get the facts and myths about food allergies, as well as recipes that are free of common allergens and tips on coping with common food allergies.

OncoLink® (created by the University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center): OncoLink® offers medical professionals and health care consumers a wealth of information about cancer treatment and research.

In addition, the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center's Patient & Family Education Center has a variety of nutrition resources.


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