University of Pennsylvania Health System

Quality and Outcomes at Penn Medicine

Quality care and patient safety are the number one priorities for Penn Medicine and its entire health system. Our medical professionals are focused on continuously monitoring and improving the quality of care and safety for its patients and loved ones while sharing best practices with regional and national healthcare providers.

Penn Medicine consistently receives high marks from many organizations that publicly report healthcare quality. Many of these organizations rate on readmissions, mortality, infection control, and patient satisfaction. These measures reflect how often Penn complies with providing evidenced-based patient safety and process improvement initiatives for conditions such as heart attack, stroke or pneumonia, and the average patient survival rates, by condition and procedure, experienced by patients receiving medical and surgical care in our facilities.

Time and time again, Penn receives high rankings that highlight the outstanding skills of our world-renowned physicians, our use of advanced technologies to help diagnose and treat a variety of conditions and diseases, and our ability to quickly respond to life-threatening conditions.

Penn Medicine shares information on key clinical quality indicators, our accreditations, our research studies, and our most recent awards and achievements. Our web site also offers important educational information about how to search for and evaluate reports about the quality of care provided by hospitals, physicians and others, with specific references and links to some of the nation's leading organizations involved in the public reporting of healthcare quality data.

While rating systems alone do not provide a full view of what to expect, it is important to understand and know how Penn Medicine is performing and what that means to you and/or your loved one. When choosing a healthcare provider, choose one where quality of care, safety and patient satisfaction are the number one goals.