University of Pennsylvania Health System

Mission and Vision of Penn Medicine

Mission Statement

Creating the future of medicine® through:

P = Patient Care and Service Excellence
E = Educational Pre-eminence
N = New Knowledge and Innovation
N = National and International Leadership

Vision Statement

Penn Medicine is committed to remain a world-leading institution in three equally valued and inter-related missions of patient care, education, and research. The success of these missions requires the integration of the School of Medicine and Health Services and a shared destiny with the University of Pennsylvania. By recruiting and retaining a world-class faculty and staff who strive for excellence, innovation, quality, and professionalism, we will accomplish our missions. Our goal is to be recognized nationally as the most accomplished and respected School of Medicine and Health System.

Patient Care

A team of interdisciplinary professionals will provide excellent care and service to their patients and communities in a compassionate and respectful environment. The Clinical Practices of The University of Pennsylvania (CPUP) will remain the core of the Health System. This core maintains excellent programs in major disciplines and strives to be the market leader in select services. The core will be supported by a health services network that includes owned or affiliated hospitals and ambulatory practices. The health services network will be selectively integrated with the core to support signature services and patient satisfaction.


Penn Medicine's education programs develop the next generations of leaders in medicine and biomedical research. To attract the most qualified students and trainees, The School of Medicine and CPUP will engage the most outstanding educators and researchers in teaching and training; develop and implement innovative methods of instruction; provide state-of-the-art facilities and foster educational relationships with the University and Penn Medicine network. We will recruit, retain and reward outstanding educators by providing an environment that promotes creativity and rewards teaching excellence. The School of Medicine, its faculty, and its alumni will be known for a shared commitment to lifelong learning.


Penn Medicine will enhance its status as a world leader in advancing medical science by continually improving the quality and impact of its research. The areas Penn Medicine will emphasize are the fundamental mechanisms of biology and human disease; the translation of discoveries into new approaches for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease; and the evaluation of medicine's impact on the health of the public. The research enterprise will be supported by peer-reviewed external funding and innovative non-traditional funding sources. Attracting and retaining outstanding basic and physician scientists will be a key strategy for success. To help faculty develop pre-eminence in their fields, Penn Medicine will provide excellent facilities, outstanding trainees, an effective research administration, and collegial interactions across the School of Medicine and the University.