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Improving lives and health in underserved communities throughout the Philadelphia area is among Penn Medicine's highest priorities. Every day, Penn physicians, nurses, medical students and volunteers share their knowledge, skills, and themselves to benefit the community. Activities include free health clinics and screenings, disease prevention and treatment education, support groups for patients and their families and health care career development.

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Penn Medicine's Community Support -
By the Numbers

Penn Medicine is committed to caring for all patients equitably, with dignity, respect and compassion. As part of this commitment, we offer financial counseling and assistance programs to uninsured and underinsured patients to assist those who cannot pay for their care.

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Support in FY14
Charity and underfunded care for Medicaid families: $132 million
Physician training support: $82 million
Research support: $557 million
Total: $771 million

Community Members

Organizations seeking volunteers for a community event or organization can submit a request online.

Penn Medicine Employees and Students

Questions about Penn Medicine's community outreach efforts or about the "Penn Medicine CAREs" reporting program can be directed to the office of Government Affairs and Community Outreach at 215-662-7030 or email

Community Health Needs Assessment

Penn Medicine is committed to identifying, prioritizing and serving the health needs of the community. In fulfillment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, each hospital of Penn Medicine has performed a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) and prepared written implementation strategies.

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Penn Presbyterian Medical Center
Pennsylvania Hospital
Chester County Hospital
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