Penn Medicine Blood Donation Center

Blood Donation Process

Giving blood to Penn Medicine's Blood Donation Center is a relatively simple process. Below are the steps that are required to donate blood.

1. Schedule an appointment to donate blood

  • There are two types of blood donations that can be made at the Penn Medicine Blood Donation Center, whole blood and platelet. The scheduling options for each are as follows:
  • Walk-ins will be accommodated as open appointment slots allow.

2. Registration

  • Show photo identification.
  • Complete a form with basic health information.
  • Read information about donating blood.

3. Confidential health history and screening

  • Answer health history questions in private with a staff member.
  • A staff member checks your temperature, blood pressure, pulse and hemoglobin level.

4. Donation

  • A staff member cleans your arm and inserts a needle.
  • Relax for 7 to 10 minutes (or longer for apheresis donation).
  • After the blood is collected, a staff member removes the needle and places a bandage on your arm.

5. Refreshments

  • Enjoy snacks for a few minutes while your body adjusts to the slight decrease in fluid.
  • Leave the Penn Medicine Blood Donation Center and continue with your day!

Help our patients. Give blood.