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Clomid with IUI

Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate) Cycle with Intrauterine Insemination

Cycle Day 1: First full day of menstrual flow

Cycle Day 4-8: Take Clomiphene Citrate at bedtime for 5 days. Dose will be 1, 2 or 3 tablets per the physician's instructions.

Cycle Day 10: Start Ovulation detection kit (preferably Clear Blue Easy Ovulation test pack). The kit uses test strips that show changes in the level of the hormone LH in the urine. Use it once a day (morning or evening). Read instructions given with the kit. Once the LH surge has occurred, ovulation usually takes place within 12 to 36 hours.

For women with 28-day cycles, ovulation usually occurs on days 13 to 15. For women with irregular menstrual cycles between 27 to 34 days, ovulation usually occurs between days 13 to 20. Therefore, testing should begin on day 10 and continue until ovulation is indicated or through day 20. There is an 80 percent chance of detecting ovulation with five days of testing, and a 95 percent chance with 10 days of testing.

Ovulation: Once ovulation is documented, it is no longer necessary to continue testing during that cycle. Call Penn Fertility Care office once a color change is detected. You should call in the same day (if you check your kit in the morning) or the next morning (if you check your kit in the evening). In both cases, schedule an IUI for the day after you make the phone call. If you detect ovulation in the evening, you can have intercourse that night. The insemination will generally occur between 10-11 am. If you do not detect ovulation by day 20, please call the doctor.

Pregnancy Test: Menses should start 14 days after insemination if pregnancy has not occurred. If menses has not occurred, you will be instructed to come in for blood work to confirm if you are pregnant. If your period is light or abnormal please call the office.

Next Cycle: If menses occurs, you can start clomid on day 4 of full flow. Unless instructed otherwise, plan on 3 cycles of Clomid. If no pregnancy has occurred after 3 cycles, schedule a consultation with your physician to discuss future treatment options.