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Ovulation Induction (Hormone Therapy)

Ovarian Stimulation: Current Clinical Trials

Because a pregnancy with multiple babies is a possible side effect of this treatment, additional research is being performed in this area. Penn Fertility Care is currently initiating an NIH-funded study to determine if the rate of multiple gestations after ovarian stimulation with gondotropins or other medications such as Clomiphene or the aromatase inhibitor Letrozole can be reduced. Learn more about Penn Fertility Care clinical trials.

This treatment is not for everyone with unexplained infertility. The success of IUI relies on the natural ability of sperm to fertilize an egg. IUI should not be used in women with severely damaged or blocked fallopian tubes.

Other fertility treatment options include in vitro fertilization (IVF), reproductive surgery, egg donation, embryo donation, surrogacy and more. For more information or to schedule an appointment with a Penn Fertility Care specialist, call 800-789-PENN.