Penn Fertility Care

Male Infertility

The Male Fertility Program at Penn Fertility Care offers men comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for male infertility conditions including, male-factor infertility, andrology and male sexual dysfunction. Penn physicians provide an individualized approach to care and collaborate with the department of Urology to offer patients the most advanced treatments available. Penn's experts have extensive clinical experience in male infertility and have particular expertise in microsurgical reconstruction of the male reproductive tract.

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Diagnosis and Evaluation

A standard fertility evaluation at Penn Fertility Care includes the physical examination and medical and sexual histories of both partners. Over 40 percent of fertility cases involve problems related to the male partner. There fertility tests designed specifically for male infertility issues including a semen analysis to evaluate sperm count and sperm movement.

Following a standard evaluation, additional testing may be needed to further diagnose and treat a patient. Penn Fertility Care specialists may perform one or more of the following tests:

  • Andrology testing: semen analysis, sperm immunology testing, fructose analysis and seminal plasma markers.
  • Genetic testing: Y-chromosome, cystic fibrosis and karyotype.
  • Microbiology tests: sexually transmitted disease testing.
  • Other diagnostic testing: hormone evaluation, testicular biopsy and post-coital urine analysis.