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17-Ketosteroids urine test
17-OH progesterone
Abdominal CT scan
Alpha fetoprotein
Antinuclear antibody panel
Antithyroid microsomal antibody
Blood typing
Complement component 4
DHEA-sulfate test
Endocervical culture
Endocervical gram stain
Estradiol blood test
Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) blood test
HCG blood test - qualitative
HCG blood test - quantitative
HCG in urine
Hormone levels
Insulin C-peptide test
Leucine aminopeptidase - blood
Leucine aminopeptidase - urine
LH response to GnRH blood test
Luteinizing hormone (LH) blood test
Pelvis MRI scan
Radioactive iodine uptake
Scrotal ultrasound
Semen analysis
Serum progesterone
T3 test
T3RU test
T4 test
TBG - blood test
Temperature measurement
Testicular self-exam
Thyroid function tests
Transvaginal ultrasound
TSH test
Urine chemistry
VDRL test

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