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Acetaminophen and codeine overdose
Acetaminophen overdose
Acetone poisoning
Acid soldering flux poisoning
Adrenergic bronchodilator overdose
Aftershave poisoning
Aminophylline overdose
Amitriptyline and perphenazine overdose
Amitriptyline hydrochloride overdose
Ammonia poisoning
Ammonium hydroxide poisoning
Anticoagulant rodenticides poisoning
Antidiarrheal drug overdose
Antifreeze poisoning
Anti-rust product poisoning
Asphalt cement
Aspirin overdose
Automatic dishwasher soap poisoning
Bacitracin overdose
Bacitracin zinc overdose
Baking powder overdose
Baking soda overdose
Bee poison
Benzene poisoning
Beta blockers overdose
Birth control pill overdose
Black nightshade poisoning
Black widow spider
Blue nightshade poisoning
Boric acid poisoning
Brompheniramine overdose
Brown recluse spider
Bubble bath soap poisoning
Bug spray poisoning
Butazolidin overdose
Button batteries
Caffeine overdose
Caladium plant poisoning
Calcium carbonate overdose
Calcium carbonate with magnesium overdose
Calcium channel blocker overdose
Calcium hydroxide poisoning
Calla lily
Campho-Phenique overdose
Camphor overdose
Candles poisoning
Carbolic acid poisoning
Carbon monoxide poisoning
Cardiac glycoside overdose
Castor oil overdose
Caulking compound poisoning
Cedar leaf oil poisoning
Chlordiazepoxide overdose
Chlorinated lime poisoning
Chlorine poisoning
Chlorpromazine overdose
Clinitest tablets poisoning
Cloth dye poisoning
Cobalt poisoning
Codeine overdose
Cold wave lotion poisoning
Cologne poisoning
Compazine overdose
Contac overdose
Copper poisoning
Corticosteroids overdose
Cuticle remover poisoning
Cyproheptadine overdose
Deodorant poisoning
Depilatory poisoning
Desipramine hydrochloride overdose
Detergent poisoning
Dextromethorphan overdose
Diazepam overdose
Diazinon poisoning
Diclofenac sodium overdose
Dieffenbachia poisoning
Diesel oil
Dilantin overdose
Dimenhydrinate overdose
Diphenhydramine overdose
Dirt - swallowing
Doxepin overdose
Drain cleaner poisoning
Drain opener poisoning
Drainpipe cleaners
Dry cell battery poisoning
Dye remover poisoning
Elephant ear
Estrogen overdose
Ethanol poisoning
Eucalyptus oil overdose
Eugenol oil overdose
Face powder poisoning
Fenoprofen calcium overdose
Fire ants
Fluoride overdose
Foxglove poisoning
Fuel oil poisoning
Funnel-web spider bite
Furniture polish poisoning
Gasoline poisoning
Glaze poisoning
Grass allergy
Grass and weed killer poisoning
H2 receptor antagonists overdose
Hair bleach poisoning
Hair dye poisoning
Hair spray poisoning
Hair straightener poisoning
Hair tonic poisoning
Hand lotion poisoning
Heroin overdose
Household glue poisoning
Hydrochloric acid poisoning
Hydrocodone and acetaminophen overdose
Hydrofluoric acid poisoning
Hydrogen peroxide poisoning
Hydromorphone overdose
Hydroxyzine overdose
Ibuprofen overdose
Imipramine overdose
Indomethacin overdose
Ink poisoning
Ink remover poisoning
Insecticide poisoning
Iodine poisoning
Iron overdose
Isopropanol overdose
Jack-in-the-pulpit poisoning
Jellyfish stings
Jerusalem cherry poisoning
Jewelry cleaners
Jimsonweed poisoning
Kerosene poisoning
Ketoprofen overdose
Lacquer poisoning
Lanolin poisoning
Lavender oil
Laxative overdose
Lead poisoning
Lighter fluid poisoning
Lily of the valley
Lip moisturizer poisoning
Lithium toxicity
Lomotil overdose
Malathion poisoning
Meclofenamate overdose
Menthol overdose
Meperidine hydrochloride overdose
Meprobamate overdose
Merbromin overdose
Mercuric chloride poisoning
Mercuric oxide poisoning
Merthiolate poisoning
Metal cleaner poisoning
Metal polish poisoning
Methadone overdose
Methanol poisoning
Methapyrilene hydrochloride overdose
Methyl salicylate overdose
Mildew remover poisoning
Millipede toxin
Mineral oil overdose
Mineral spirits poisoning
Mistletoe poisoning
Morphine overdose
Mouthwash overdose
Multiple vitamin overdose
Myristica oil poisoning
Nail polish poisoning
Naphthalene poisoning
Naproxen sodium overdose
Nicotine poisoning
Nitric acid poisoning
Nitroglycerin overdose
Norpramin overdose
Oil-based paint poisoning
Oleander poisoning
Oral hypoglycemics overdose
Oven cleaner poisoning
Oxalic acid poisoning
Oxazepam overdose
Paint, lacquer, and varnish remover poisoning
Para-aminobenzoic acid
Paradichlorobenzene poisoning
Paraffin poisoning
Pencil erasers
Pencil swallowing
Pentazocine overdose
Pentobarbital overdose
Peppermint oil overdose
Periactin overdose
Petroleum jelly overdose
Phencyclidine overdose
Phenindamine overdose
Pheniramine overdose
Phenobarbital overdose
Phenothiazine overdose
Phenytoin overdose
Philodendron poisoning
Photographic fixative poisoning
Pine oil poisoning
Piperonyl butoxide with pyrethrins poisoning
Piroxicam overdose
Plant fertilizer poisoning
Plastic casting resin poisoning
Plastic resin hardener poisoning
Poinsettia plant exposure
Poison control center - emergency number
Poison ivy - oak - sumac
Poisoning - fish and shellfish
Pokeweed poisoning
Potassium carbonate poisoning
Potassium hydroxide poisoning
Potato plant poisoning - green tubers and sprouts
Promethazine overdose
Propane poisoning
Propoxyphene overdose
Propyl alcohol
Refrigerant poisoning
Rhubarb leaves poisoning
Rubber cement poisoning
Sachet poisoning
Sassafras oil overdose
Scorpion fish sting
Secobarbital overdose
Shampoo - swallowing
Shaving cream poisoning
Shellac poisoning
Sodium bisulfate poisoning
Sodium carbonate poisoning
Sodium hydroxide poisoning
Sodium hypochlorite poisoning
Solder poisoning
Sports cream overdose
Starch poisoning
Steam iron cleaner poisoning
Stoddard solvent poisoning
Stonefish sting
Sulfuric acid poisoning
Sulindac overdose
Swallowing chalk
Swallowing soap
Swallowing sunscreen
Swimming pool cleaner poisoning
Talcum powder poisoning
Tar remover poisoning
Tarantula spider bite
Tetrahydrozoline poisoning
Thiazide overdose
Thioridazine overdose
Thyroid preparation overdose
Tick bite
Toilet bowl cleaners and deodorizers poisoning
Tolmetin overdose
Toluene and xylene poisoning
Toothpaste overdose
Trazodone hydrochloride overdose
Trisodium phosphate poisoning
Turpentine oil poisoning
Varnish poisoning
Wart remover poisoning
Wasp sting
Watercolor paints - swallowing
Wax poisoning
Window cleaner poisoning
Windshield washer fluid
Wood stains
Yew poisoning
Zinc oxide overdose
Zinc poisoning

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