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The Center for Human Appearance (CHA) trains physicians worldwide in surgical and medical procedures, both reconstructive and cosmetic. To date, CHA members have led educational training programs, clinical conferences and symposia in China, Japan, Kenya, Poland and Russia.

Similarly, physicians from those countries have also studied here at the University of Pennsylvania Health System. Such joint projects, in combination with the expertise of CHA faculty, help to advance the work of the Center worldwide.

See below to learn more about the interaction of the Center for Human Appearance and countries around the world:


Chinese physicians participated in Center for Human Appearance training programs at Penn for many years. Most recently in 2001, the Center helped train the chief of plastic surgery at 301 Hospital in Beijing, the largest plastic surgery hospital in China. In addition to learning plastic surgery techniques, he also observed department administration. Center physicians will continue to provide postgraduate education in China.


The Center hosted several leading Japanese plastic surgeons, including one who sought to understand the three dimensional structure of the face, the importance of shadow and dimension of the face and the significance of facial expression as an element of attractiveness. In addition, a team of aestheticians from Japan visited the Center for advice on creating a comparable Center for Human Appearance in Tokyo.


James A. Katowitz, MD, traveled to Kenya with two University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine ophthalmology fellows. Their aim was to teach surgeons from East Africa oculoplastic procedures and to perform oculoplastic surgery on patients from the region. As a part of their visit, Dr. Katowitz presented a digital camera to Kenyan physicians. With this equipment, they will be able to do consultations via the internet and further assist training.


Scott P. Bartlett, MD, travels to Poland at least once each year. Since 1986, he has been teaching Polish surgeons about facial reconstruction and treating patients with craniofacial anomalies. These craniofacial anomalies include a diverse group of deformities in the growth of the head and facial bones.

One of his goals is to train Polish surgeons in the techniques used in the U.S. that bring function and appearance that is more normal to patients with craniofacial problems. As a result, Polish surgeons travel to Penn to receive additional training to help them build a program in craniofacial surgery in Poland. Peter D. Quinn, DMD, MD, also participates in this program.

Because of CHA training focused on the needs of patients in Poland, a new organization emerged to raise funds and donate equipment to hospitals in Krakow and Warsaw. Dr. Bartlett co-founded the Children’s Medical Foundation of Central and Eastern Europe, a nonprofit organization to help bring medical resources to pediatric patients in that area.


For more than a decade, physicians from the Pavlov Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia have participated in Center for Human Appearance training programs in Russia. Through a partnership arrangement, the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine provides resources and medical educational opportunities for the Russian school and its students.

Although Pavlov is considered the one of the best medical training program in Russia, it has no financial support from the government and welcomes support from physicians in this country. Scott P. Bartlett, MD, James A. Katowitz, MD, James J. Leyden, MD, Peter D. Quinn, DMD, MD, and Linton A. Whitaker, MD, conducted CHA symposiums in St. Petersburg.


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