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About Our Team

Many appearance problems are complex and require the evaluation of experts in a range of specialties. The Center for Human Appearance enables physicians to share their knowledge and work together to create a specialized treatment plan for each individual.

Our specialists helped develop many of the advances in their respective fields of study as related to reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Such advances include:

  • development of new insights int baldness and prospects for treatment
  • application of multiple microsurgical approaches for breast reconstruction
  • use of robotic surgery for treatment of head and neck cancers
  • research in the psychosocial effects of appearance chance and expanding understanding of the psychology of appearance
  • development of Retin-A and alphahydroxy acid for acne and wrinkles
  • cosmetic contouring of facial bones and skin and muscle attachments
  • jawbone grafting for dental implants
  • new procedures for tightening eyelids and improving tear drainage
  • development of new "ball and socket" prosthetic jaw joints
  • development of new procedures for expanding shrunken eye sockets

Our patients benefit from the extensive resources of the University of Pennsylvania Health System's state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging and medical services. In addition, we also train specialists worldwide in surgical and medical aspects of appearance.

For a complete listing of our experts, please see below:

Plastic Surgery

Ophthalmology / Oculoplastic Surgery

  • James A. Katowitz, MD
  • William Katowitz, MD


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery




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