Professional Development

Penn Medicine has a regional and national reputation for supporting talented individuals and their families through life-long learning. An impressive part of these benefits includes tuition assistance, professional development, tuition forgiveness and dependent tuition at the University of Pennsylvania.

Barbara, a welcome desk supervisor at Pennsylvania Hospital, has been employed with Penn Medicine for eight years and is enrolled in the Community College of Philadelphia's onsite degree program in order to open up better opportunities for her future. "Classes at work take the hassle out of commuting… this is a wonderful opportunity, and I'd love to see even more employees enroll for classes."

Penn Medicine is committed to the education and development of its employees and provides many learning opportunities that respond to the needs of the health system, enhance job performance and further professional growth. Professional development options include:

Career Ladders

Penn Medicine leadership has developed specific career ladders for allied health, nursing, respiratory specialists, radiology technicians and patient service professionals, which are tailored by discipline. Consistent across the health system, employees receive the same or similar opportunities at all entities.

Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance offers an outstanding advantage – expanding knowledge leads to growth opportunities and makes employees more valuable. Learn more about tuition assistance at Penn Medicine »

Development Programs

If an employee is interested in developing their skills for their current job they can choose to not use their tuition benefit during the fiscal year and can then be eligible to receive up to $600 annually to pay for development programs.

"Encore Careers"

Penn Medicine believes existing and new employees should have the opportunity to move to another discipline or career area. Now a marketing representative at Penn Home Care & Hospice Services, Mike has worked with Penn Medicine since 2000 and holds a master's in physical therapy. He recently received a MBA from St. Joseph's University to broaden his opportunities outside of clinical and patient care work. "I continually encourage my colleagues to take advantage of the tuition assistance. To me, it's just another positive and productive way to invest your compensation."

As a teaching institution, Penn Medicine values the wisdom that mature workers can bring to the workplace. Penn Medicine runs workshops for Penn Medicine staff members that are not ready to retire and want to continue to work but are considering alternative work roles and hours.

High School Program

Penn Medicine has begun a high school program, focusing on specific schools within the Philadelphia District. Each year, approximately 25 students are selected for this four-year program, beginning with ninth grade. The program focuses on career development, specifically developing a student's ability to be successful in the workplace and awareness of career options. Students progress through the program to prepare themselves for a successful college experience right after graduation. From monthly shadowing in the ninth grade to internships and eventually a summer bridge program after their senior year, these special students gain valuable career experience.

The commitment that Penn Medicine makes to higher learning is unparalleled. From educational programs to career ladders, Penn Medicine has programs in place because it is imperative to provide the opportunity for everyone to excel, in every discipline. Clearly, at Penn Medicine the focus is on how to enhance a Penn career and achieve the ultimate goal… becoming the very best.