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Patient Service Representative Careers at Penn Medicine

Penn Medicine has patient service positions in all of its entities that offer outstanding opportunities for challenging work, learning opportunities and the ability to impact patient care. The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP), Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, Pennsylvania Hospital, Penn Home Care & Hospice Services, Clinical Care Associates (CCA), and the Clinical Practices of the University of Pennsylvania (CPUP), embrace career-long learning that allows employees to update their skills and learn the latest technology.

By enhancing the patient service representative (PSR) role, Penn Medicine makes it easier for patients to access its facilities and to improve the patient experience during their visit. Additionally, this three-tiered program defines the patient service representative role and provides a career path to support professional development and build a career with Penn Medicine.

Penn Medicine employees enjoy the prestige that comes from being a part of this renowned institution as well as building a rewarding career.

Patient service positions are available in:

  • Scheduling
  • Call management
  • Insurance
  • Clinic operations
  • Billing
  • Customer service

Patient Access at CPUP

As a patient service representative with the Clinical Practices of the University of Pennsylvania (CPUP), dedication to customer service is the key to making a great first impression with patients. From scheduling an appointment to completing the visit at check out, every contact during the patient's experience lets them know that they are receiving the very best in treatment and care. The professionalism of CPUP staff is a major factor in receiving high patient satisfaction scores related to patient service.

Joining CPUP means becoming part of a vibrant team that has achieved recognition for the quality and expert care it provides. Employees make a difference. And because everyone's work is essential to the efficient running of CPUP, it recognizes the importance of caring and listening to its employees. They are valued for their skills and experience and enjoy a strong sense of pride and personal fulfillment.

Supported by the practice staff and CPUP administration, the redesigned role of the patient service representative is meant to enhance the presence and effectiveness of the practices. But, CPUP has also made a commitment to its patient service representatives with a clearly defined career path and professional development opportunities to further develop their career at Penn Medicine.

To enhance its mission, a unique program that focuses on professionalizing the patient service representative role has been created. Partnering with the Community College of Philadelphia, onsite classes are available for patient service representatives to work toward an academic certificate. This certificate program also allows patient service representatives to apply those credits toward an associate's degree. With a special certificate program and prepaid tuition assistance that is among the best in the region for college study as part of an extensive benefits package, CPUP patient service representatives know that they are valued.

CPUP practices are located within the Penn Medicine hospitals and suburban practices, making it possible to work close to home. CPUP employees find the career fulfillment they need while enjoying the prestige of being associated with a leading academic medical center.