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Allied Health Careers in Occupational and Physical Therapy at Penn Medicine

Contributing to the future of occupational therapy and physical therapy is an important part of a career at Penn Medicine. In the pursuit of relentlessly advancing the fields of occupational and physical therapy, Penn provides inpatient and outpatient occupational and physical therapy services that emphasize disability prevention, restoration to maximum potential, and continued wellness. A clinical atmosphere is provided, where excellence in patient care, education and research is integral to the daily care of patients.

Committed to discovering the best clinical practice in these disciplines, the future of these professions is developed through clinical and academic excellence. A 12-month physical therapy orthopaedic clinical residency program for outpatient units and physical medicine and rehabilitation residency training fellowship program that offers an ACGME-accredited four-year residency (PGY 1-4 levels) in the specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation are proof of the dedication to attracting the best and brightest in the rehabilitation field to Penn Medicine.

The clinical expertise of employees is called upon to develop and interpret the results of evaluations and treatments, while setting appropriate goals and formulating treatment plans. Additionally, they also implement treatment and monitor responses to intervention, then modify treatment as necessary, ensuring that thorough documentation of patient care activities such as evaluations, progress notes and discharge plans are complete.

By spending considerable time with each patient while providing quality and compassionate care, brings worldwide recognition for therapeutic expertise. And with this stellar reputation, Penn Medicine is quickly becoming the therapy provider of choice and the employer of choice for many therapists. The diverse and interesting patient populations across the continuum of care as well as academic teaching and funded research programs provide incredible opportunities for professional development.

Teamwork and collaboration with the entire therapy team and other health care professionals combined with an outstanding compensation and benefits package, including prepaid tuition assistance that is among the best in the region, results in the opportunity for professional development and a career that offers flexibility and variety.

Current Opportunities

Allied health careers in occupational and physical therapy are currently available at the following Penn Medicine entities:

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