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David S. Wernsing, MD, FACS: The kinds of patients I see in my practice are morbidly obese patients that are interested in helping themselves to become more healthy. The patients are extremely grateful for the opportunity they have to change their lives. The operations that I end up doing are all minimally invasive. We have a very long history doing bariatrics as part of our program. With that, comes a lot of experience and we can provide a very knowledgeable and safe environment for not only the non-surgical means but the surgical means of weight loss.One of the advantages of having the long standing program is that we know all of our sub-specialty docs as well. Part of the efforts of the team are to make sure that the patients can get through the process in a smooth fashion and that includes the back and forth exchange of information with our, not only the primary care docs but the sub-specialty docs such as the cardiologist and the pulmonologist. I just recently saw a patient who had come through, who was about 4 years out from his surgery. He reduced and got rid of all of his diabetes medications. He had reduced down three of his four blood pressure medications. He was off his cholesterol medications. He was fit, he was happy, he could bend over and tie his shoes. I'm Dr. David Wernsing, clinical assistant professor of surgery, bariatric surgeon at Penn Medicine.

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