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Alan L. Schuricht, MD, FACS: Lots of factors play into a patients decision on where to have their bariatric surgery performed. An important consideration has to be the experience of the team that's taking care of them, the volume that they perform in any given year, their past experiences because as with most medical and surgical interventions, the more volume that is done by a provider and an institution, the better the outcomes are for the patient in the long term and the short term. One of the things that my patients recognize for me from the first time they meet me is my heavy investment in their success. Patients come to us, they can't walk, they can't enjoy life, they're older then their age states on their drivers license and they're miserable. And when we do the surgery on them and they start to lose weight, that the happiness and the joy that is expressed in their eyes is really very fulfilling. It's beautiful to see them get younger and younger and get their lives back and they're so thankful and so grateful. One of my greatest successes was a young man that I took care about 4 or 5 years ago. When I saw him, he was obese to the point where walking up one flight of stairs made him acutely short of breath. Ten months after his gastric bypass, he ran Broad Street the entire 10 miles. It's almost a communal experience that we all get to experience with them and when a patient comes back for follow up and they're down a hundred, hundred fifty, two hundred pounds, the entire office is excited and proud and happy for those patients. My name is Dr. Alan Schuricht. I'm a Bariatric Surgeon at Pennsylvania Hospital for Penn Medicine.

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