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Gary B. Korus, MD, FACS: In our practice, we have an opportunity to treat bariatric patients in a very hands-on way. We have the advantage of the entire healthcare system and the resources behind it to afford us that opportunity. Our patients, characteristically are evaluated at The Center for Weight and Eating Disorders, at the Sleep Center as well. The resources of the health system also give them an opportunity to be evaluated by our endocrinologists in a way that allows them to see their medical problems, their diabetes, really fad away, melt away as they're recovering from these operations. One of the benefits of participating in bariatric surgery in the Penn Health System is really the research. We are really on the forefront and have the advantage and opportunity to really peer into the future. We're looking at the way different bariatric procedures affect different medical problems; such as diabetes in particular. We look at ways that different instruments and instrumentation can affect hunger and peoples willingness or desire to eat as well. The Center for Weight and Eating Disorders as well as The Diabetes Institute really afford us great resources and great collaborators to move forward. Our goal, when we meet these patients, is really to tell them that we're committed to life long follow-up. We communicate with their primary care physicians really every step of the way. One patient that comes to mind is a gentleman who works in the public sector. Last year, he participated in the Broad Street run and really struggled. Actually had to stop before it was over. But this year, he finished the race. I'm Dr. Gary Korus, I'm an assistant professor of clinical surgery at Penn Medicine.

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