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Penn Allergy and Immunology provides comprehensive care for adults with allergic disorders of the eyes, nose, throat, sinuses and skin, asthma, lung disorders and immune system disorders. Allergies and related immunologic issues can make life challenging and miserable for patients. In some cases, the disorders are severe enough to be life-threatening.

Thorough Evaluation and Education

Successful treatment of allergies and immunologic disorders starts with a thorough evaluation. During a patient's initial visit, a health care team will collect a detailed allergy and environmental history. If needed, the team conducts and interprets a comprehensive panel of skin tests. Treatment might include desensitization and immunotherapy (allergy shots).

Once diagnosed, the health care team teaches patients about their allergies and related symptoms, how to avoid triggering allergic reactions and available medication and other treatments. Education helps patients learn how to make medical and lifestyle changes to reduce the suffering and frustration caused by allergic reactions.